Energy Healing Therapy

Just as we have a physical body we have a spiritual body or energy body. The human energy body or aura surrounds and permeates the physical body. This energy body can hold light otextr more dense energy. This luminous energy field holds our history, our past and the potential of our future. Through clearing and balancing of this energy body we relearn and rediscover our true self, that direct connection to the divine, the remembering of our deepest connection to all of life.

Energy healing effects clearing of this energy body, releasing stress, pain, traumas that may effect our spiritual, physical and emotional lives.

When we have suffering from physical or emotional pain, this is a natural reflection of the inharmonious patterns of energy with us. These patterns may have originated from the present time relationships in our world or from the past, even past lifetimes. This disharmony is there as a great teacher. We have the opportunity to step back and see this as a witness, without judgment, to make peace with the feelings and then we have the opportunity to start the process of releasing and allowing. As we receive the divine energies we more clearly see and feel the underlying reasons for these disharmonious patterns without blame.

As we receive these wonderful energies of the Cosmos we naturally learn to bring ourselves back to the state of health and happiness. Healers work with clients that are ready for change, healing and release of energetic patterns that may have been with them for many years. This process is a mutual collaboration between the healer and client.

My approach may involve at the start of the client/healer relationship the release of old energetic patterns and as the clearing evolves, many times emerges the true learning and process of getting to know our true selves, the deeper meaning in our lives, why we are here, the souls purpose. To see these deeper meanings we many times need to access the deep-subtle energies that release the blockages to naturally restore our balance and harmony.

This approach is in line with a deep overall support of the spiritual and physical rather then focusing only on specific areas of the physical body. When the body is in disharmony it is Dale’s practice to give overall energetic support to the whole being, emphasizing the transmission of deep, core-level, energy-support and replenishment. In addition to the energy transmission, Dale many times guides clients into a relaxed meditative state of awareness.

Energy healing sessions are a combination of energy work, spiritual healing, counseling, coaching, channeling, education and whatever else spirit has in mind. The most important thing is that you show up for yourself and are completely committed to your healing process. 

Benefits of Energy Work:

 • Deeper Spiritual Connection   

• Improved Health

• Relieves Stress

• More Energy

• Healing of Emotional Trauma 

• Help Old Relationship Patterns Heal 

• Connects You to your Life Mission


Initial Interview/sessions by Phone - 1st email

Overall Purpose for Sessions

Medical History

Energy Healing/intuitive reading

Remote Healing Sessions may include:

Energy Clearing Meditation Instruction

Receiving of light cleansing energy

Channeling of healing energies

Intuitive energy reading/clearing/balancing

All phone sessions are free will / honor system payment - use paypal


More Info on Remote Healing Sessions


Please email or call for information or to set the best time for a Interview & 1st Session

Dale Schoonover / Intuitive Energy Healer
Frederick Maryland

All my best, Dale