Many times people want something different in their lives but don’t know how to get there. A really good place to start is to ask yourself, what do i want my life to look like?  How can I change my life?

The simple answer is: Imagine what you want your life to be, imagine what it would look like if you had the life that made you happy.

Know that the Universe will help you to make the life you want to be happy, but first you must
you imagine it! Very Important: (You Must Imagine it and Ask for it)

If a person is in a place where physical issues are at times overwhelming, this is the place to start. We could work together to help you feel better with energy healing and get you started in the right direction of changing your thoughts about yourself and the world you live.

Energy balancing and healing many times simply helps a person to feel better or alleviates physical pain, so when we feel good, we are able to see through our troubles, stepping back and seeing our life with love and compassion for all.

Please email me to set a time for a remote phone session. dale@earthandskyhealing.org

Counseling for Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Counseling involves looking at the whole. Our thoughts and environment make us who are at this time in our life. History is just that , leave it there. Our life style, exercise, what we take in, food, media information all effect our thoughts and overall energy. To make changes takes time and much effort. One energy session (or many) may make us feel better, but if our thoughts and lifestyle drag us back to a state of worry, fear and judgment, then we have to learn how to let go of the stuff that pulls us down.  
If we want to change our lives for the better, we have to change the way we think, the way we interact with the world, letting go of fears and judgment. I tell myself this every day!

All phone sessions are free will / honor system payment - use paypal dale@earthandskyhealing.org

Healing Services

  • Spiritual Counseling & Intuitive energy therapy
  • Energy balancing for physical wellbeing
  • Subtle body clearing & empowerment
  • Etheric Healing and Surgery

Energy Therapy for Spiritual Growth

Energy healing is done by stimulating the flow of energy in the body, which causes energy cleansing to occur naturally. When our energy is clear, we better understand ourselves and have insights that can help us improve our lives. In a session, energy is also balanced and equally distributed to better support the person. Clarity and balance tend to cause progression for the soul in its life path. Balanced energy feels really good, and once we know what it feels like, we tend to know how to return to that state more easily. Balanced and clear energy tends to dispel any illusions that we are holding and causes us to see our reality in a new way. As a healer we don’t use my own energy, we are channels for the energy to come through.

How We Work

My wife (Cynthia) and i work with etheric beings and ascended masters that are high level healers. They choose to come and work with a client to balance their energy, clear heavy energies and do physical healings which helps us to feel better and see our life more clearly.

The etheric healers are diverse and varied, working with each client in a unique way to help clear the energy body and raising your vibration. They may be healing spirit guides, angels, and Ascended Beings, or may be etheric surgeons and other healing masters that have worked with me for years. I have found that they come to help you move in a positive direction in your personal life and/or to help with physical issues.

Our role is to first hold the space for the etheric healers to work their magic, and also to sense the subtle shifts that happen within the physical and etheric bodies. We are always am very grateful to be a part of this process.

What to Expect at a Session

Each session is unique and holistic, in that we work with a person's energy to bring about an increased sense of wellbeing, that may be noticed during and/or after the therapy session. The sessions assist a person in releasing thought patterns and any other energetic blocks that do not serve them and hinder their sense of well-being.  I try to create a calming and soothing environment so you feel relaxed and open to the healing that is ready to happen.

Benefits - Spiritual Therapy can help one:

  • experience a physical vibrancy and well-being
  • return to a more harmonious state of peace and joy

Background Studies
2012 - Became a Healing Minister with the Rays of Healing Church and lead minister of the Frederick branch of the Rays of Healing Church based in Falls Church Va. - Senior Lead Minister- Wanda Lassiter-Lundy
2010 - Classes with Wanda Lassiter-Lundy, Services to Spirit and Direct Healing Classes
2010 - Andean Teachers and Healers Certification classes with Elizabeth B. Jenkins
2009 - Andean 6 day Introduction and Peru 10 day Hatun Karpay Initiation with Elizabeth B. Jenkins
2006 - 2007- Reiki 1 & 2

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Contact Me

For a first contact, please email me (dale@earthandskyhealing.org) to set a 1st phone healing session.

Please feel free to email me with your questions or comments, or to set a time for a 1st phone session.

Please note:  I am a minister and practitioner of Energy therapy and spiritual counseling, which are alternative and complementary to the medical healing arts. All clients are advised to maintain their relationship with their physicians.

Initial Interview by Phone - 301-524-8819, please email first to set a time

All phone sessions are free will / honor system payment - use paypal dale@earthandskyhealing.org

Please email or call for information or to set the best time for a 1st Interview

Dale Schoonover / Intuitive Energy Healer
Frederick Maryland

All my best, Dale